Elmer T. Lee

February 27, 2018

Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel

90 Proof

Nose: cinnamon with some caramel and vanilla. After 5 minutes an underlying sweetness of candy cherries with soft scents of hazelnut.

Taste: Caramel sweet on the front with buttered corn and an umbrella of hazelnut. Nice balance and complexity as the sweetness found on initial contact starts to dry as the bourbon hits the back of the palate. Subtle cherry and vanilla linger under the hazelnut. My only issue with Elmer T Lee is that it feels a little “thin” in the mouth. The viscosity doesn’t match some of the other Buffalo Trace products.

Finish: Moderate drying finish with hints of leather, cinnamon and vanilla.

Overall: A very good bourbon which provides complexity and balance. The sweet introduction glides to a drier ending. The hazelnut is what separates this bourbon and really makes it an enjoyable experience



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