E.H. Taylor Cured Oak

Bottled in Bond (100 proof)

Nose: Rich caramel, vanilla and young leather let on that this is going to be a great bourbon ride! The extended curing of the oak really brings out rich flavors with lots of depth.

Taste: Leather, cherry, vanilla, hazelnut, orange peel. So much is going on with this bourbon. It drinks much lighter than 100 proof. Great balance and integration of flavors. After 10 minutes warming spices of cinnamon and nutmeg coincide with the rich caramel and vanilla. Beautiful!

Finish: Balanced, complex, long and lingering. Both a sweetness from the vanilla and caramel and a dry component from the nuttiness waft through your taste buds.

Overall: Great bourbon with complexity and balance. If you can find it–BUY IT!!