Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

7 Years Old, 107 proof

Nose: Vanilla, Black Cherry, caramel and ripe pear. After about 10 minutes (with a dash of water added) a maple syrup component rises into the mix.

Taste: Pear, brown sugar, hazelnuts and slight hints of cherry. After 10 minutes orange peel integrates into this balanced bourbon. With some water and some more time to let It develop the orange peel evolves into a hint of orange liquer (Grand Marnier) with hazelnuts and rich caramel providing depth and balance.

Finish: Moderate to long with caramel and nuts. Hints of Vanilla linger well into the experience.

Overall: One of the most underrated bourbons on the market. Bakers is the lowest selling bourbon in the famed Jim Beam Small batch collection. It is named after Baker Beam, who always liked his bourbon aging at the top of the warehouse. This aggressive aging allows this bourbon to drink more like a 12 year old bourbon.