I had the pleasure to sit with Jacob Call, Master Distiller of OZ Tyler Distillery, to have a behind the scenes tasting of some of the bourbon and rye being made at this legendary distillery.  The whiskey has not been released to the public and ranged from their “new make” bourbon and rye to one year old bourbon and rye. In addition, I got to taste the one year old bourbon that has gone through the terra pure process side by side with bourbon that stands on it own. Here are some thoughts:

Both new makes were very good!. The bourbon mashbill is 70% corn 21% rye and 9% barley. The new make is fruity and nuanced, very easy to drink. The rye is 95% rye and 5% barley. Again, very nice herbal elements with a some sweetness on the front.

The one year old rye was solid. It needs a little more age to calm the rough patches but the potential is there for this to be an extremely good rye at the 4 year mark.

Now for the bourbon….. The bourbon made in Owensboro that did NOT undergo the terra pure process is simply outstanding for a one year old product. Its complex with floral and fruit on the nose. Both the nose and the palate evolve quickly with hints of caramel, vanilla and black cherry. This will be fantastic in 4 years. (I would have never guessed it was one year old).

The bourbon that underwent the terra pure process couldn’t stand up to the one that did not. The terra pure process brought out a lot more corn on the nose. I immediately felt like I was drinking and extremely young bourbon. The rough edges were removed but I actually think that took away from the character and complexity of the bourbon. Literally night and day!! And for what it’s worth, my vote is to eliminate the terra pure process and let this excellent bourbon stand on its own!! Can’t wait for it to be released!