Woodford Double Oak (private barrel 2018)

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

 Proof 90.4


Nose: Maple syrup and butterscotch make this nose so enticing you could spend an hour just smelling this bourbon.

Taste: The butterscotch carries over to the taste with a beautiful integration of orange and hazelnuts. This bourbon has a great mouth viscosity with balance showing in the sweet, citrus and wood components. You really do not want to add water to this bourbon as it may drown (lose its structure).

Finish: The finish is long and lingering. It transitions from the sweetness of the mid palate to a drier finish dominated by hazelnuts. The butterscotch shows only hints against a soft citrus backdrop.

Overall: Fantastic sipping bourbon which demonstrates the balance and flavor integration that can be obtained with the second barrel maturation.